ShaBoom Products Makes Mineral Makeup that Gives Back

About Us

ShaBoom Beauty cosmetics were created with a mission to help every man and woman feel great, inside and out, while creating social awareness.

Formulated with naturally derived ingredients, our products keep your skin healthy, looking fresh and protected from everyday elements.

ShaBoom’s humble beginnings mirror that of creator Siobhan Neilland. Early in her life Siobhan overcame obstacles of illness and poverty to create success out of hardship. She began mixing her “lotions and potions” in her home as a means to heal her body. As the company expanded its range of products, so did Siobhan’s vision. As founder of the non-profit organization, Siobhan decided to use ShaBoom Beauty as a way to help fund programs. Truly passionate about making a difference in the world, a portion of proceeds made from the sales from ShaBoom Beauty are donated to the organization to ensure that 100% of donations it receives goes directly to helping the communities it supports.

Look good and feel good knowing your purchase of ShaBoom Beauty helps to improve the lives of those in need.

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