Siobhan Neilland: Introducing ShaBoom Products

ShaBoom founder, Siobhan Neilland, discusses the many benefits of using ShaBoom Products.

ShaBoom Products at the 2010 Secret Room Golden Globes Gift Suite

ShaBoom Products featured on's Gift Bag Robin Hood at the 2010 Secret Room Golden Globes Celebrity Gift Suite (ShaBoom's feature begins at 4:55)

Delicious LifeStyled - Shaboom Surfer Girl Makeup Kit Tips

Siobhan and Delicious LifeStyled demonstrate how to apply and use the Shaboom Products Surfer Girl kit and other common quick-to-apply makeup products. Siobhan uses this makeup in Uganda where there is no running water or mirror.

OneMama Collection and ShaBoom Cosmetics

Siobhan demonstrates the versatility of the Mineral Powder Strokes Shimmer Bronzer

ShaBoom Products: Make-up that Saves Lives (Part 1)

Siobhan demonstrates cosmetics from her ShaBoom cosmetics line while at the OneMama village in Uganda.

ShaBoom Products: Make-up that Saves Lives (Part 2)

Siobhan shows how easy it is to get sun-kissed beauty with ShaBoom Products, regardless of your location or busy schedule.

ShaBoom Products: Make-up that Saves Lives (Part 3)

Siobhan talks about the importance of having easy to use, long lasting makeup and shows you some of her favorite ShaBoom eye products.

ShaBoom Products: Make-up that Saves Lives (Part 4)

Siobhan's finished everyday look - no complicated application required!


ShaBoom at the Golden Globes Secret Room


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ShaBoom at the Grammys Gifting Suite


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ShaBoom-Sponsored Charity Fashion Show to Support OneMama


"Join OneMama Inc. in our efforts to empower women and families of rural, impoverished communities around the world to be healthy, educated, and financially successful."

Socialite Life: Bobby Trendy and Siobhan at Golden Globes Gift Suite


"Once again, attention-loving Bobby Trendy is doing his best to make sure that he gets noticed by photographers by donning an outrageous outfit. And with this combination of lip gloss, feathers and taffeta, he did just that at the pre-Golden Globes gifting suite."

ShaBoom Featured in Splash Magazine's Valentine's Day Health & Beauty Gifts Guide


"Jojoba-based lip slicks glide on silky smooth and keep your lips moisture locked and ready to shine. Offered in a variety of light colors to give your lips a hint of color..."

Karen Salkin: ShaBoom at the Golden Globes Gifting Suites


"I was literally drooling when I spied their 'Drag' line of very sparkly eyeshadows..." ShaBoom at the Golden Globes Gift Lounge



"Not only was ShaBoom at the lounge gifting the celebrities, they were the making them feel and smell better by gifting house mists in the most desirable of scents."

Hollywood Today: ShaBoom at the Golden Globes Secret Room



"ShaBoom Products offers skincare and make-up products while promoting social awareness. Using all natural ingredients, Siobhan Neilland started her company in her home and expanded..."

ShaBoom Featured on Press Release for Golden Globe's Secret Room



"From exotic eco friendly Caribbean resort vacations and high end jewelry to hip and trendy baby and pet products, luxurious skin and haircare products, the Secret Room is a total pampering experience."

L.A. Splash Magazine: ShaBoom at the Golden Globe's Luxury Gifting Suite



"Shaboom Products owned by Siobhan Neilland makes a beautiful line of products for women, men, and couples..."

The Huffington Post: Golden Globes Gifting Suites



"As always, there are way too many of these gifting suites to account for, but here are some highlights: The Secret Room Events and SLS Hotel's 2010 Golden Globe's Style Lounge... Other goodies: skincare by... ShaBoom"